Creativity methods to promote European equality

Twelve participants from 9 countries (Iceland, Greece, Spain, Germany, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia) came together in Graz to exercise creativity methods and apply them to topics concerning trans-European, collective and personal equality.

The workshop revised the wide range of creativity techniques (not to be confused with general artistical “creative methods”) in theory and practice (associative plays, clustering, morphological matrix, role plays, pantomime, theatre scenes, etc.) and showed how to use them to get inspiration, gain alternative points of view, find solutions or increase the power of mind, the concentration, the mental productivity and the structuring of thoughts.


Thematically, the creativity methods were exercised to develop ideas and concepts which increase social, political, economic, ethnical or gender equality in the European context: How to avoid disadvantages in our countries? Are all citizens and all member states of Europe equally considered in media? Which are the benefits or disadvantages in the systems of each of the participants countries (welfare, justice, politics, etc.)?