Fixing Europe with equality

Excerptes from our workshops...

What I can do to increase equality is to be efficiently egoistic.

This workshop has motivated me to protest every time I feel the rights of disabled persons are forgotten.

If I see children who are sitting on a place reserved to disabled I shout at them...

Now the immigrants who arrive come from war-countries where no conscience for ill or disabled persons exist, they are not educated and I think it´s only good for them to learn fast.

I write to the company of transport if they don´t have a barrier free access, I write to the politician who approved a difficult access to a government building.

I protest and bother!

I manifest that I am there!

Maybe more active citizenship is the clue to more equality...

We are living in a vertically organized society. Patriarcal preferences have increased them as they introduced the concept of power without a concept of efficiency.

When women come together, they organize like bees. Immediately they check work sharing equally and start to do something.

When men come together, they speak as making sound the own voice is a sign of power. Then they subordinate in a hierarchy. Then one decides what the others have to do. Then they have to speak again, as some aren´t talented for the task they were proposed. All is extremely unefficient and only costs time. Hierarchies cost time!

Let´s change our mind and be more horizontal instead of vertical!

If we only take the job we love, there would be no insatisfaction, no greed, no complexes, no envies, no unequalities.
The job you like is the key.

If a community doesn´t have enough people to work as trash collectors, social community service will be activated so that all are obligued to work part time in the task which is underrepresented...

My ideal Europe looks like a mix of strict Amish community and happy hippies... There must be severer punishment against corruption and crime. There must be a ruled fairness and grace. If morals are restaurated, the personal happyness of people will raise.

Integrity of people is the only warranty for an egalitarian society.

How do you get integrity into a person?

With a personal education (not an academical).

Only parents can teach integrity.

There must be time for the family...

If we take the best of each European country and mix it in a new multinational structure we will have the perfect Europe.