Thoughts about equality

Excerpts from clustering and other creative execises...

I want more freedom,

I want more consideration to my individualism,

I want more rights,

I want I want I want...

I have to educate myself

Equality is a dream.

Freedom is a dream.

Are we all equal if we are free?

Are we all free if we are equal?

If there was freedom for all - was there equality?

The only equality for everyone is to have freedom.

Afterwards, everyone defines the own space.

Equality of freedom, however, gives the starting position. What if the start is not equal? If someone is richer or more handsome? Well, life is not fair. But freedom gives the opportunity to fight for the own place under the sun...

EU was awarded the Nobel Price for Peace in 2012.

So what?

It appeares to be not worthier than a nice news headline.

Why talk about EU´s values and activities over the years if now the crisis will effect just what the EU should have avoided?

Unruled commerce, obliged importations of cheap producing countries and high unemployment lead to unsatisfaction, unequality and extreme actions as violence or racism and that always ends up in a war.

A bad education leads to caprices, tempers and moods which leads to constant unsatisfaction, which leads to needs of compensation, which leads to high consumism, which leads to greed and hunger for power, which leads to uncritical economy focussed on spoiling even more a bad tempered whimsy and manipulable consumer.

A good moral education leads to balance the own wishes which leads to happiness which leads to considerance towards the fellows which leads to equality.